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No wonder that many people across the world choose Morocco to spend their vacation. It is the country where different landscapes meet together to form a place where everyone likes to visit. Morocco is considered one among the first countries in the west of the Arabic world which have developed tourism. However, the diversity of Morocco’s geographical aspects side by side with the country’s historical value and cultural impact, have made Morocco the first destination for a lot.  

Location and Features of Morocco

Beautiful Morocco lies in the far west of North Africa where it sprinkles in the heart of desert. Formally, the country is known as the Kingdom of Morocco since the royal system is the governor. Morocco is a land that is surrounded by two water fronts, which is a point of excellence especially for tourists. However, Morocco overlooks the Mediterranean Sea in the North while it meets the Atlantic Ocean in the west. Meanwhile, the rest of the Arabic Morocco countries surround the gem stone of Africa. It is a very specific country where features of modernity are noticed in Morocco’s major cities such as, the capital city of Rabat, which are harmonically mixed with the gentle breezes of the past. Morocco is a thorough integrated country because it depends on a multi- resource income. It is an agricultural country with a high-developed economy which also stands on the wheels of trade, tourism, agriculture, industry and fabrication. However, tourism is the economy’s most effective source.

Morocco and Tourism

One of the most important actions done by the government of Morocco was to enhance tourism through a series of procedures which started in 1985 where a ministry of tourism was established. It planned to increase the number of visitors with the campaigns it had published for, for example, the Plan Azur. It is a strategic marketing plan initiated by the Moroccan king, Mohammed VI in order to make Morocco a global site. The plan aimed to establish coastal resorts, more airports, roads, grand hotels, spas, new trains and fabulous touristic destinations. In addition, there was a massive direction towards renovating the historical locations, castles, and ancient fortresses. As a result, tourism in Morocco increased 30% to achieve more than five million tourists (about 11 million now!).  However, Morocco attracted around one million Europeans from France, Italy, Spain and others in addition to 200, 000 Britons. Meanwhile, Morocco is the best place for Arabs as well because it is where different cultures are integrated well together.

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ait ben haddou

Rbata city

Essaouira city

Where does the Tourist Start his/ her Journey in Morocco?

The options are plenty in Morocco so that the tourist might be confused. He/ she would like to explore the massive mountains of Atlas and surf high waves in Agadir or maybe they want to go beyond time and feel magical mystery going to Merzouga desert or they admire the hustling cities that reflect life and beauty. The visitor is absolutely relaxed in the middle of pure nature where it is more similar to the meeting between Earth and heaven. Nothing can be more magical! The list of places the tourist can visit in Morocco is not limited, that the country contains all the aspects which every visitor desires for. Because of the country’s location, the tourist is interested in relaxation on beach in one of seaside resorts either on the Mediterranean or the Atlantic Ocean in the West of Morocco and feeling the amazing atmosphere of giant mountains or the deep Sahara. However, there are certain places of attraction you ought to visit, such as:
  • Sites of UNESCO World Heritage:

Morocco is the Arabic country which contains a number of historical sites that are influencing humanity since long time. There are more than 10 universal places spread all over Morocco as:   Ksar of Ait Ben Haddou: The fort is located in Ouarzazate Province where visitors seek it from various spots in the world. The pre- Saharan site is a historical tradition, similar to a habitat surrounded by high walls containing multi towers and building. However, famous actors and movie directors chose Morocco and Ait Ben Haddou to film their movies. So that, tourists come here to feel the place where their favorite movies were shot at. It is a breath taking experience!   Medina of Tetouan: It is the spot where Morocco is linked to Andalusia where features of both locations are really close. Tetouan was an attractive place since the 18th century. However, the visitor will be enthusiast among the white pure buildings of the city. the view is relieving and charming especially in front of the sea. A historical unique site worths a visit!   Rabat: it is the capital city of Morocco reflecting economy and modernity. It is also a historical place of universal and cultural effects. The city of Rabat includes important land marks, such as the Hassan Mosque, the 17th Andalusian settlements, the botanical gardens and the Moorish remnants.   Essaouira: It is a fortified port since the 18th century lies on the Mediterranean Sea. the site is unique because of the European breezes of its architecture. Meanwhile, Essaouira mingles the African features with the Western type, which is a point of attraction for all tourists. The list of UNESCO World Heritage sites is really long, containing Meknes which is the former capital of Morocco in the 11th century, and Marrakesh which is the political economic capital. Do not forget to visit Fez, the world’s largest zone of pedestrians.   Merzouga: In Morocco, you will feel excited to visit every place and corner, you will feel the extreme soul of freedom in Merzouga where the sand dunes take you to another magical experience. The tourist can trek camels in one of the most unforgettable challenges. The visitor to Merzouga will be introduced to the life in the middle of Sahara where the sunset and its rise are outstanding photos to be taken. It is the heart of Sahara where the visitor feels free of any burden or limit, exploring the life style of Bedouins and ancient travelers. It is where they can live simply in the coat- cloth khiam (tents) sharing stories with Amazigh, the site’s native people.   Ifrane: Another wonderful visit is to Ifrane or the Switzerland of Morocco. It is just a place to remember where beauty, mother nature, waterfalls and gardens form a distinguished view.   Tangier coast, Kasbahs, Fes, Chefchaouen, old medias, beach resorts of Tarfaya, the amazing city of Casablanca, El Jadida and many other attractive sites are welcoming visitors every year.  



ifrane city

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Activities in Morocco:

There are many activities to be done in Morocco as climbing mounts in the Atlas and Rif Mountains where the high mount of Toubkal exists. Swimmers and waves’ riders are interested to surf billows on the Atlantic coastal line. However, the tribal life is experienced through the Moroccan Sahara where another way of living is achieved. Morocco has the most vivid souk of ornaments, clothes and traditional icons. They are plenty and spread in the cities’ old section introducing the conventional aspect of Morocco to foreigners.   The musical concerts and universal festivals are developed in Morocco to attract people to the artistic façade of the country. However, Mawazine festival, the rhythms of the world, is the most eye- catching event which is organized every year. The festival introduces the local and international music where it attracts millions of tourists annually.   Morocco as well contains different cultural centers, museums, theaters that collect the traditional icons and masterpieces of Morocco. This is a way to introduce the value of the local heritage to all visitors.   If you are arranging to go on a holiday, do not hesitate to explore the massive beauties of Morocco.  Book your reservation ticket with the first plane to Morocco to visit the most amazing sights. You will never feel enough of beauty in Morocco where pieces of heaven are only dropped in its land.
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